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Normas utilizadas no Progear

Normas alemãs:
* DIN 3967 Backlash tooth thickness allowances and tolerances.
* DIN 3990 Calculations of load capacity of cylindrical gears parte 1.
    Introductions and general influence factor parte 2.
    Calculations of pitting resistance parte 3.
    Calculations of tooth strengt parte 5.
    Endurance limits and material qualities
* DIN 3992 Addendun modification of external spur and helical gears
* DIN 3977 Measuring element diameters for the radial or diametral dimension for testing tooth thickness of cylindrical gears.
* DIN 3960 Definitions on involute cylindrical gears and gears pairs.
* DIN 3961 Tolerances for cylindrical gear teeth bases.
* DIN 3962 Tolerances of spur and helical gears parte 1.
    Tolerances for deviations of individual parameters parte 2.
    Acuracy of cylindrical gear; tolerances for alignment deviations parte 3.
    Acuracy of cylindrical gear; tolerances for cumulative circular pitch errors over a sector.
* DIN 3963 Tolerances for cylindrical gear teeth; tolerances for working deviations.

Norma inglesa:
* BS 436 Spur and helical gears parte 3
    Method for calculation of contact and root bending stress limitations for metallic involute gears.

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